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1. In Februrary we recieved the information that the owner of the Patio Maravillas building had changed. Representatives of the new owners took contact with the assembly of Patio to propose us to abandon the building in order to avoid being sued. We refused this proposal and decided to propose tham back the possibility to directly negotiate with the new owner.This negotiation was carried out over last March and had two main objectives. One is the recognition of Patio Maravillas as a legitimate and legal subject on the building matters. Something that we have formalized through the signing of an agreement with the owners. The second is to delay as much as possible a legal complaint by the owner. In return, Patio Maravillas reaffirmed its commitment to keep the building in good conditions, care for itspremises, etc.

What is the main goal of saving time to avoid a legal complaint?

2. El Patio has long been one of the areas that builds citizen-ship up beyond those who destroy it. A space that will be seven years old next July. Seven years in which it has devoted all its resources to be a collective infrastructure in an attacked, damaged and stripped-of-its-social-spaces city. An indebted city whose managers sell public buildings to vulture funds, try to privatize health services, close down schools, cinemas and concert halls, expel people from their homes, and wipe out green areas. We are an example (one among many) of a community that refuses to die at the hands of speculation and plunderers.
And we believe that it is high time that this city –that belongs to its inhabitants, to us, to you–, is institutionally recognized and their rights respected. That is why we launched a public campaign that, along with Madrid citizenships, demand to the council authorities the recognition of our work, the wealth and wellbeing we produce, the fundamental rights we defend and the democratic example that we set as a community. This, and also, above all, the recognition of this space for the common enjoyment.

How are we going to achieve this?

3. First, we will officially request a meeting with the Council Urban Planning and Citizen Participation body, as well as with the District Center representatives, to start a dialogue that would lead to the recognition of Patio Maravillas as a democratic infrastructure of the city. This recognition goes through the transfer of public spaces to carry out Patio’s activities without any type of interferences. We have also developed a common statute that might serve to other spaces in the city (if desired), so they can be equally recognized as subjects with legal rights. In this sense, there is an ample experience in both the Spanish state and in Europe, as well as a considerable amount of work, carried out during more than seven years, that supports and legitimizes these claims.
And second, we have already launched a campaign to support Patio Maravillas which aims to get 5,000 supporters before our next anniversary. That is, within a month. So we’ve enabled this site ( Help us visualize this public demand. Help us let them know that Madrid needs spaces like Patio Maravillas, that Madrid is ours.

We will continue to keep you informed, stay tuned.

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